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If you want to turn it back on, it's the same process over again. There are two ways to block autorun videos in Firefox but the simpler and more reliable method may be to download Flash Block. Once it's downloaded, install and enable Flash Block.Restart Firefox and from then on, you'll have to click on Flash media to get it to play. Our team discovered a ton of security bugs in products used by billions of people. @ Consumer Affairs) The case can be made that the Internet has gotten better in recent years. But there is no doubt that it has also gotten more annoying.

Click on the button to turn it to the off position.Like those creepy ads that follow you from website to website, just because a week ago you happened to look at a product the ad is promoting.But perhaps the biggest annoyance is videos that automatically play once you open a page.Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) lets you download a single copy of the Microsoft product update and cache it on your local WSUS servers.You can then configure your computers to get the update from your local servers instead of Windows Update.

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