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through the pre-installed Conky display on your desktop), then it can be shown by opening the terminal and then entering the following command: Tip: mhwd-kernel will automatically update a newly installed kernel with any modules currently used in your existing kernel.For example, if you were to update from kernel 3.10 to 3.13, mhwd-kernel would automatically update 3.13 with any and all modules present in 3.10. Manjaro not only supports the use of multiple kernels (selectable from the boot screen), but allows easy access to the very latest bleeding edge kernels as well.Every other element of a Linux-based operating system is built around the kernel, which acts as an interface between your computer's hardware and the applications that run on it.As hardware and software applications become more complex and sophisticated, so do the kernels to fully utilise them.This is undertaken through use of Manjaro's own MHWD-kernel (Manjaro Hard-Ware Detection) command.The syntax of the command is as follows: When listing a new kernel to be installed in the command, it is not necessary to write the entire version number.The overlap with Auditor and WHAX in purpose and in collection of tools partly led to the merger.

As the name would imply, as with the kernel of a seed, the Linux kernel is the core of a Linux operating system.Instead of using the Manjaro Settings Manager GUI to identify, choose, add, and remove kernels everything can be achieved from a terminal as well.If the existing Kernel being run in Manjaro is not immediately apparent (i.e.It is recommended - especially if updating to the latest bleeding edge kernel - to keep your old one, even if only for a short time afterwards.This the safer option, and the old kernel can be easily removed when satisfied with the stability and functionality of the new one.

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