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There are steps for healing, yet I was too impatient.I sought for quick resolutions, but it only delayed the healing process for me in the end.Just as it takes steps and time for a physical wound to heal, the same applies for emotional wounds.The best way for me to heal from a broken heart is to redirect my energy toward myself, not my exes or the wrong people who entered my life.To those who have put off dates with his or her own self, this is my advice to you: When you have a planned schedule and a list of activities that you can do, you'll find yourself more willing to follow through with your plan, rather than deciding to skip out because you're unsure of what to do.Also, use this time to do all the things that you wish you did before.

That night, I also overcame a huge personal fear: being alone.I will use this time to do all the things that I wanted to do or accomplish, but pushed aside to accommodate other people.I will cherish the moments when I spend time with the one person who will never (nor can ever) leave my side.It might seem narcissistic to some, but that's completely off.It's important to go on a date with yourself because if you can't love yourself, who will?

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If you only depend on others for happiness, you'll be disappointed in the end.

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