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Let’s say you are a super mogul who happens to own eighty-nine different stores, shops, cafes, and the like. So today your task is to send your GM information about which business buys what and where.To keep tabs on the products (and their prices) ordered by these eighty-nine establishments, you have created an awesome grid utilizing the Dev Express ASPx Grid View. You open you grid and stare at the data wondering how you could possibly send all the information contained in the grid to your new hire. You could waive it over your computer screen, utter a few Latin magic spells that would make Hermione Granger proud, and have all your data magically appear as a listing on a paper on your GM’s desk. That’s where I come in to introduce you to the ASP. data in your grid into either a PDF, an Excel spreadsheet, or into an RTF. Only this time, we will transform the document into and Excel spreadsheet.NET controls and their many members for interesting aspects and interesting ways to present them.This blog shows you how to use the Do Row Validation method to validate a row of data in the ASPx Grid View.When the Row Validating is fired, the values of my new row to be added are checked, if one of them is not okay, the message is shown to remind the user to input the correct values.The problem is: - if I don´t want to add this new row, how do I discard it?When implementing a handling function for this event, use the object passed to this function as its parameter.Among the fields of this object, you can find data relating to the clicked cell.

To validate a grid row all you have to do is look at the data and provide the feedback in the event of an error.The index of the row to which the prepared cell belongs.Note that group cells are also counted as rows and thus have row indexes.Then, yesterday, you have a meeting with your newly hired General Manager who tells you that she can get you better products for less money. Unfortunately for you, you are a muggle, which means – no magic wand for you! (Note – if you export grouped data to RTF, be sure to open the resulting file with an editor that fully supports RTF features, including tables, otherwise, the file may appear corrupted.) This way, you can email and share your data. So, filter the data by grouping it by the Product Name and then press Export to XLS.The index of the row to which the clicked cell belongs.

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