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Such conditions provide a way of delineating the concept of motherhood, or the state of being a mother.Women who meet the third and first categories usually fall under the terms 'birth mother' or 'biological mother', regardless of whether the individual in question goes on to parent their child.This is not always the case, however, as some babies are born prematurely, late, or in the case of stillbirth, do not survive gestation.Usually, once the baby is born, the mother produces milk via the lactation process.Surrogacy involves both a genetic mother, who provides the ovum, and a gestational (or surrogate) mother, who carries the child to term.The possibility for lesbian and bisexual women in same-sex relationships (or women without a partner) to become mothers has increased over the past few decades due to technological developments. For other uses, see Mother (disambiguation), Mothers (disambiguation), Mom (disambiguation), Mommy (disambiguation), Mum (disambiguation), Mothering (disambiguation), Motherhood (disambiguation) and Maternity (disambiguation). Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring.

Mother and fatherhood are not limited to those who are or have parented.

Gestation occurs in the woman's uterus until the fetus (assuming it is carried to term) is sufficiently developed to be born.

In humans, gestation is often around 9 months in duration, after which the woman experiences labor and gives birth.

Modern lesbian parenting (a term that somewhat erases the bisexual case) originated with women who were in heterosexual relationships who later identified as lesbian or bisexual, as changing attitudes provided more acceptance for non-heterosexual relationships.

Another way for such women to become mothers is through adopting or foster parenting.

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Women who are pregnant may be referred to as expectant mothers or mothers-to-be, though such applications tend to be less readily applied to (biological) fathers or adoptive parents.

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