Lesbian dating site singles dallas texas

You need to register at Meet Up.com, choose a location, and specify your interest groups to find out where meetups are going to be.Registration is free; there is also a fee-based service with some extra features.Each interest group meets on a specific day of the month at locations that the group members vote on.As of March 2008, there are several dozen polyamory meetups listed (not all are active).

Offers support and discussion meeting, e-mail discussion lists on yahoo, and other events.

They’re open during the day for lunch and have wireless access.

At night, it’s packed with a 20-30-something crowd dancing to rock and Top 40.

This one’s really for the boys, but ladies are welcome too, and I highly recommend checking it out.

It’s located on Lemmon Street, near the Love Field airport, between strip malls, fast food joints and gas stations.

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