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On date codes, they started at A in July 1969, which ran until December 1970.They then skipped the letter B and started with C in 1971.Plexiglass panels (hence the name Marshall Plexi) were used.Marshall started using their four-digit model system around this time and most models should have this on the chassis.The next two digits indicate the week (01-52) of the respective year the amp was built.

The model code changed slightly from earlier models, and these codes were both used into the late 1970s.Amps from this era are covered in black levant with a gray grille, feature an old block-style Marshall logo, and some chassis' are mounted offset.January 1965-June 1969 - Serialization unknown from this period, but model codes are known.In 1984, it changed to model code, date code, and serial number. Examples: SL/A G 10058 is a 100W Super Lead produced in 1975.RI 13590 Z is a reissue model produced in 1991 or 1992.

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Amps from this era are covered in black levant with a black front on heads or gray grille on combos, feature an old block-style Marshall logo, and all chassis' are mounted center.

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