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If all documents are processed successfully and no violations are observed during the inspection, the Jordanian citizen will be granted a 30 days visa.

Holders of tourist visa can enter Russia once or twice.

Each authorized travel company is entitled to print invitation letters on their official letterhead.

However, it is a requirement that the letter consists of two items: tourist voucher and reservation confirmation from the place where the tourist will be accommodated.

Otherwise, a written letter of denial will be provided.

The applicant will be given a number which he/she should indicate when applying at the Embassy (Telex message is a directive sent by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Embassy of the Russian Federation). These papers can be collected if a Russian-based employer is willing to hire a foreign citizen.

Go to Issuing a Tourist Invitation If the citizen of Jordan has friends or relatives who reside in Russia he/she can visit them by obtaining a guest visa to enter the Russian Federation.

The inviting party should take over the responsibility of preparing an invitation letter for private visa.

Also the visitor will be subject to a check for deportations from Russia in the past.

If the applicant is recognized as not guilty of any misconduct, the invitation will be issued.

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