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I don't if there is any ownership connection though.

Maybe it is just a way to hijack some of the trade from the more widely publicised Go Gos.

If you pay with a 1,000-baht note the waiter or waitress will give you a plastic badge as proof of payment until they bring the change.

That being said I have made it a habit of always carrying enough small cash and changing the higher denominations at trusted places such as restaurants, supermarkets and the post office. It is reported on the forums that the bar has come under Russian influence perhaps explaining the hike in beer prices to 140 Baht per bottle. The Thai girls really love this place as the band often plays Issan love songs which they really get into.

Soft drinks Bt 120 Hip-hop house band downstairs, very expensive 140/150 baht beer, freelancers, but not so many as Lucifers or Tony's.

I always went in with a to dance or hang out for a few drinks. Many Gogo bars have a nearby similarly named beer bar.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at [email protected] Latest Reviews The disco was closed for a few days possibly due to police action.

It was then signed as a replacement venue for Lucifer's which suffered a substantial police closure to thuggery by the club's bouncers.

Bamboo Bar on Pattayatai near Walking Street appears to be a real gold mine.

160-180 Baht for bottled beer and 240 Baht for spirits with mixer. Closed in 2015 and is now up for sale Coyote disco club opened November 2008, closed February 2009. I guess that the same group of people will be welcomed with open arms to Tony's Entertainment Complex on Walking Street, now renamed Endorphin.

Re-opened in February 2011 but only lasted until May 2011. At Bamboo Bar (and also on Beach Road for that reason) I have talked to a number of girls who appeared to come from Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam, most probably on tourist visas.

This bar in the central isle of Soi Diamond has the unique selling point of the circular bar being mounted on a slowly rotating carousel.

This surely allows a good view of the comings and goings of many of Pattaya's busiest Go Gos.

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