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VHL Disease Spotlight on Practice Update VHL Articles Selected by an Expert Editorial Board at Elsevier Practice Update.The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance (or Aliança Luso-Britânica, "Luso-British Alliance", also known in Portugal as Aliança Inglesa, "English Alliance"), ratified at the Treaty of Windsor in 1386, between England (succeeded by the United Kingdom) and Portugal, is the oldest alliance in the world that is still in force – with the earliest treaty dating back to the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1373.On the other hand, the more tolerant Portuguese aristocracy saw her methods as too traditional or outdated.

Alliance Seafood AS er en betydelig aktør innen fiskeindustrien.Portugal aided England (and later the UK) in times of need, for example, in the First World War.Today, Portugal and the United Kingdom are both part of NATO, a larger intergovernmental military alliance between several North American and European states that accounts for over 70% of total global military spending.Portuguese foreign policy became tied to Spanish hostility to England.As a result, Portugal and England were on opposite sides of the Anglo-Spanish War (1585–1604) and the Dutch–Portuguese War.

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