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"It's not the kind of crime an FBI agent will come across.

It's local law enforcement," said Idaho District Attorney Wendy Olson. It may be beyond what they're seeing." As one leg of a sex trafficking circuit that runs from Seattle to Los Angeles, north through Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Idaho and back to Washington, making sure Idaho police departments and communities along the route have the wherewithal to identify commerce and sex crimes is an ongoing law enforcement goal.

A major Internet connecting point for the sex trade is, a classified ad listings site operated by Village Voice Media.

That's why, Pacheco said, taking steps now to curb the sex trade could yield long-term dividends for communities like Boise.

Idaho falls roughly in the middle of the pack in terms of states that have effective legal frameworks for dealing with sex trafficking.

According to the POLARIS Project, a nonprofit specializing in combating human trafficking and slavery in the United States, Idaho has met six of 10 criteria that the organization uses to determine the effectiveness of a state's legal framework against trafficking (neighboring Washington has met all 10 criteria).

To make Tier I, Idaho would need to post the number for the national victims hot line, create a safe harbor for minors, provide resources for victims assistance and civil remedies for victims, and vacate convictions.

It would also have to create a dedicated trafficking task force.

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