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I attended the event on March 7th and met a wonderful man, Marlon, and we've been dating ever since.It was my first speed dating experience and it was so much fun! Doing this have brought new life into me because I have been single for so long and I tried online dating and even life coach dating and it did not work. We are going to go on more speed dating together and hang out together as a group Britt (Detroit, May 2017) I wanted to say I had a great time with speed dating.

I also wanted to meet people of other races and background to broaden my search for a long-term relationship.Join us at the hottest club in NJ for a night you won’t soon forget!When 8minute Dating gets started, you'll have four 8-minute one-on-one conversations with singles in your age group followed by a 20-minute intermission where you can mix and mingle with other singles from this and its sister events that might have caught your eye.Without you, I don't think I would have ever met this wonderful woman called Nina.I actually attached a photo of us at a company holiday party.

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We have been married for 5 years I strongly believe that speed dating is the best singles dating service since it helped me meet my husband.

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