Xbmc tv show library not updating

In regards to option, this will remove items from your collection that don’t exist in Kodi anymore.

This is generally ok if you only use Kodi, but you might not want to do this if you track your physical media collection or have other media centers connected.

Exclude specific paths if you’d like ignore local media from being scrobbled.For example, ignore any shows your kids are watching so they don’t scrobble to your account.Scrobbling should be on by default for movies and episodes.Check out our apps listing for some of the most popular ones across all desktop and mobile platforms.It’s pretty awesome to have everything in sync between you media center, mobile devices, and the website! Supporting Trakt unlocks a bunch of cool features like Year in Review pages, no ads on the website, Calendar Notifications, Custom Calendars, Widgets, Advanced Filtering, i Cal feeds, RSS feeds, and CSV feeds.

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The Kodi plugin runs in the background of the Kodi media center and automatically scrobbles what you’re watching back to

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