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New republicanism, as named by Castelli, represents a combination of economic and social liberalism, with strong emphasis on socialist views, radicalism, corporatism and conservativism.While some argue it is "a strange combination ment only to bring Castelli to power", other think that it is a right path for Rutania and for RDF.The Prime Meridian runs through the continent although it is colloquially considered to be in the "Western" Hemisphere of the world.Artania is dominated by Dundorfian-speaking nations including Dundorf itself, Dorvik and Darnussia.Artania is also home to the powerful Holy Luthori Empire.Artania remains one of the strongest continents in terms of economy and social order, it is widely considered the model of governance as many governments including the historical Holy Luthori Empire reside on Artania.Rutania, officially known as the "Commonwealth of Rutania, is a federal presidential republic located along the western coast of Artania.Bordered by five nations, it is located south of Aloria, west of Dundorf and Ikradon, northwest of Luthori, and north of Beluzia.

New republicans favor some economic deregulation in order to create better possibilities for bussiness, but also include economic interventionism and parts of socialist and central-overview- economy because of the basic idea that the state is responsible for everything.

Aside from the Artanian Union there are numerous other regional organizations that assist to build Artania as a continent.

The Artanian continent features the Artanian Economic Council which is a collection of Artanian business owners, industrialist, politicians and the like who meet quarterly to discuss various issues facing the continent.

Chief ideologist and political leader is Fabian Castelli.

New republicanism was official party ideology of Rutanian Democratic Forum from 2610 until 2613, when the party name was "New Republican Movement".

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