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When an enormous collection of early Christian texts was found at Nag Hammadi in 1945, many scholars’ first instinct was to date the texts after all the biblical ones.

You can probably think of other examples where the meaning of a word changed from one historical era to another.You can also jump to the end of this post for some more in-depth resources.If somebody talks about the Jerusalem Temple being torn down stone by stone, odds are they are writing during or after but certainly not before the destruction of the Temple in 70 .What we do know is that the writer found it helpful to refer to the destruction of the Temple as a way to explain who Jesus was and why he was significant, because the passage that immediately follows this one is a long, detailed description of what the writer expected to happen next.If somebody quotes or alludes to Shakespeare, they’re writing after Shakespeare.

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The later you push back Mark’s date, the later you have to also push back Matthew and Luke. This can create some real conundrums for scholars and force them to rethink their whole timeline of early Christian history.

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