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Thus, this behavior likely influences ant-assemblages through a variety of ecological pathways.

Please see Nylanderia fulva for further details The following text and map are from Gotzek et al. References that were indicated but removed from the text are stated in the original publication: There has been widespread misidentification of Nylanderia fulva. This would not be surprising, since the distribution is solely based on worker identifications (D. pubens to become a pest, then the population explosions attributed to N.At present, this species occurs in Texas, Florida, southern Mississippi (Mac Gown and Layton 2010) and southern Louisiana (Hooper-Bui et al. Interconnected nests of these ants form extraordinarily dense populations that greatly exceed the combined densities of all ants in adjacent uninvaded assemblages (Le Brun et al. They feed on small insects and vertebrates, and honeydew secreted by aphids (Zenner de Polania and Bola~nos 1985).They invade people’s homes, nest in crawl spaces and walls, and damage electrical equipment resulting in millions of dollars of losses (Blackwell 2014).Welcome to Focus Singles If you single, or a single parent this is the website for you. We have made this site a spiritual growth guide or a guide to dating other singles.Please fell free to e-mail us any questions you may have if your single and looking for other singles.

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Since its detection in Harris County, Texas, the new invasive has rapidly expanded its range and is now found in 21 counties in southeast Texas and has recently been discovered from southwestern Mississippi and Louisiana (see Figure). Reported distribution of the Rasberry Crazy Ant in the United States (in blue). pubens in Florida is given in orange, but we suspect that these may prove to be N. Counties highlighted with solid colors indicate verified occurrences, whereas hatched counties are unconfirmed reports. Since we show that samples from northern Florida initially considered to be N. While this information is still lacking, it is highly likely that N.

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