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In fact, all the fire and air signs will be affected by Jupiter’s leap into Libra.With Venus and Libra spending quality time in your sign together from the 10th – 24th and Mars the motivator in sexy Sagittarius, your 3rd house of communication and busy activities – apart from Mercury being out of phase and Uranus out of phase in Aries, September is a great month to lay the groundwork for the rest of 2016.That’s the whole reason why Mercury goes out of phase – it acts as a forceful slow down for everyone – as we are always in such a rush all the time!

Mars the planet of passion remains in saucy Sagittarius through the end of the month and combined with Venus in Libra, her home base through September 24, falling in love will be a delightful and easy thing in September.These layers help us define what it is were talking about, and go from intangible and implicit (on the outside) to tangible and explicit (on the inside). on the left, in magenta: the organisation/company/brand owner 2.on the right, in orange: the user/consumer/customer 3.Jupiter, the planet of giving, opportunity and bigger is better slides into Libra on the 10th.This is a day to write down Librans, Aries, Gemini and Aquarius.

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Once Mercury moves direct September 22, it won’t go retrograde again until late December.

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