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It was reported that after the incident, the others started to treat Linda coldly, causing the actress to avoid spending the night at Macau and returned to her home to Hong Kong in-between filming.Comments By on October 28th, 2012 | Taiwanese Entertainment Taiwanese actress and pop singer Ruby Lin has always prided herself on her marketing value as a spokesperson considering her popularity as an actress, however, she is horrified when her photo was used for advertising hymen repair surgery, so much so that she has filed a copyright infringement suit, according to Jayne Stars.According to reports, the couple displayed no sign of awkwardness and readily hammed it up for the cameras when the director requested for them to be affectionate.Sources revealed the two singers-actors decided to keep their relationship under wraps and away from the media eye due to their “idol” statuses.It is understandable that Ruby is upset, as the copyright infringement has already lasted for 2 years.The suit for unauthorised use of Ruby Lin’s photo online for hymen repair surgery was mounted against Beijing Greene Hospital, and the trial began yesterday morning in the Court of Chaoyang.Source Comments By on October 8th, 2012 | Taiwanese Entertainment Maybe having a nude photos of yourself distributed around the internet is not the kiss of death.After Maggie Wu‘s scandal with Justin Lee, the public seems to have forgiven her for being involved.

Before they became friends and “lovers”, the couple had a long-running misunderstanding between them.

Dating rumours between Show Luo and Rainie Yang made headlines again recently after the two Taiwanese artistes shot a commercial together.

Said to be in a four-month-long relationship, rumour has it sparks flew between the two again when they played a couple for the commercial shoot.

Comments By on January 15th, 2013 | Taiwanese Entertainment At 43 years old, Annie Yi still looks great. The swimsuit photos are to help promote her new upcoming book with beauty tips.

Comments By on December 21st, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment Linda Chung‘s refusal to stay late and mingle with businessmen have caused her a little problem in Macau.

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