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Whether it's updating the UI or running some long process on the back end such as a call to the database, everything must get into a single file line and wait for the CPU to execute the command.So when we are making that call to the database that takes a couple seconds to run the UI is left standing in line waiting, unable to update itself and thus "locking up". Whether it's a Windows Form or WPF application the UI updates on the main or primary thread.public partial class Main Window public Main Window() void UI_Task Completed(Event Args e) public void Page Refresh() } public static class UI public class Async Task Actions { public delegate void Task Complete(object sender, Event Args e); public event Task Complete Task Completed; public async Task I would look into MVVM, then your async task will operate on the View Model and not the UI element. In a previous article on async and await, I showed a very simple example of how to run some code asynchronously.Please note that with some minor modifications the code in this article and in the downloadable source code can be run for a Windows Form application also.

I will also show how to keep the user informed while the processing takes place with updates to Text Block's and a Progress Bar. Surely we've all witnessed a Windows Form or WPF application that "locks up" from time to time. In a nutshell, it's typically because the application is running on a single thread.This is another simple example that will help you to make your applications more responsive.Although this example used Winforms as that is the space I am in at the moment, it is just as relevant for WPF too.In this VB example the delegate signature is for a Function that takes an Integer as a parameter and returns a String.Next we have the method handler for the click event of the button.

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