Wordpress blog rss not updating

But I'm having trouble using other RSS plugins also. Also, if they are not in FWP, sharing an example URL that is not working would be great.

Best, Jim site is actually not a reclaim site (sorry!

I unblocked and whitelisted it so your site should be able to communicate with sites on our servers now.

I can't imagine that my server is the problem (it's Bluehost w/a wordpress install), but who knows.

Did you know that RSS feeds are automatically created in Word Press?

If you weren’t aware of this, then test it out for yourself right now.

This tutorial from Dailyhosting will show you how to do that.

I am trying to aggregate feeds my students' wordpress blogs into a course blog. But this semester, none of the plugins I've tried can pull the feeds from my students' Reclaim sites. I've tried to add 10 sites, and they are all timing out in Feed Word Press and simply unable to add in Cyber Syn (the WP backend spins and spins when I try to add a feed in the Cyber Syn interface).

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