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Not all of the modern clichés we apply to English womanhood in the 1800s hold weight.Below, explore five things Queen Victoria’s female contemporaries didn’t do as often as you might think.White was the preferred color for babies and children of any sex until they reached the age of about 6 or 7, mainly because white clothes and diapers could be bleached.As they grew older, children were dressed in paler versions of the colors adults wore.Cousin marriages remained popular among the upper class, however.Charles Darwin married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood, for instance, and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were themselves first cousins.

While the Victorian era did feature fashions that emphasized a tiny waist only achievable through the careful application of whalebone and ribbon, most women wore their daily corsets with a healthy dose of moderation—not to the point of swooning on the divan.We often assume that the life of the average lass in Victorian England was narrow and restrictive, full of stern governesses, stifling garments and fainting spells.Sure, the 19th century’s rules of etiquette, social class and morality all served to limit the range of acceptable behavior, but don’t let the lace doilies and lavender sachets fool you.Also, at the time, corsets weren’t simply a fashion statement: They were actually thought to encourage good, healthful posture and to keep the internal organs in proper alignment.And the extreme practice of removing ribs to slim the waist, rumored to have flourished in the Victorian era, simply didn’t exist Today’s approach to gender-specific colors would confuse—and likely amuse—our 19th-century counterparts.

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