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Sources indicate that rape cases are underreported (, many victims were hesitant to report rape or press charges "due to fear of stigma, retribution, or further violence" (ibid.).Sources indicate that sexual violence against women is handled by a separate unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (Lawyer 24 2012).The Director of the Division of Gender Relations explained that the unit was established in December 2007, and responds specifically to crimes of sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence (ibid.).Lucia 13 prohibits rape and prescribes a punishment of a prison sentence ranging from 14 years to life imprisonment (US , 8; Saint Lucia 2005, Sec. The law also prohibits "unlawful sexual connection" with a punishment of 14 years to life and "indecent assault" with a punishment of 3 or 7 years if committed against a person 16 years of age or older (ibid., Sec. For further details about these crimes, see Sections 122 to 130 of the 2005 , which is attached to this Response.The law defines spousal rape as a crime in the following instances: (3) A husband commits the offence of rape where he has sexual intercourse with his wife without her consent by force, fear or the use of a drug or thing with intent to stupefy or overpower her, where there is in existence in relation to them- , the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force was "not reluctant" to arrest alleged rape offenders (US , 8).

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