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I have been in America off and on for over 30 years.I have never seen an artist more truthful, more exposed, more naked or more lied on than I am.I look at the gray hair I have..all I can tell you is this....Djimon Gaston Hounsou, born on April 24, 1964, is a popular and multitalented Beninese-American actor as well as a model.Hounsou was born and raised in Cotonou, Benin by his father and mother.He made his film debut in a film named Without You I’m Nothing.The information was fuzzy, but they had meetings and decided that after pre-interviews with me and what little they could get from the above mentioned parties, they wanted to interview me on television. In fact, Peter Bergen and many other Millionaire "experts" who make their living writing books about SOMI yet were being made to look like fools because they had never heard of me (or oany of the other "backdoor" people)--were desperate to prove that I do not exist and that my story was made up.They began attacking any Media Organization that dared discuss my story.

On top of that they warned that it was dangerous to give VOICE to a "...a REPUBLICAN, because of my perceived support for the War on Terrorism. REPORT, paragraph 24: Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock wrote that my account of being raped by Somi was "a funny story." When I read that, I felt I had been raped all over again--but then, that is the way White Men have always written about the rape of Black men's mothers and that was the only context I could put Mr. It is quite obvious that he never Fact-Checked my account or read my AWARD-WINNING autobiography. Spurlock and Peter Bergen are "GOD"--they needn't bother with the DETAILS of witness accounts and such. Spurlock wrote a bunch of glaring non- truths (for instance, he repeated the LIE that I claimed to have been a "Sex Slave"--something I would never do and have never done given the fact that I know what a sex slave is in Arabic culture.

No one wants to admit that they were "Hitler's girlfriend"--in other words--involved with the most hated human being on earth. I wish the LONDON GUARDIAN had not contacted the U. State Department in their attempts to build a story, and I originally denied it, because I knew it would ruin my life.

I have turned down a gallaxy of national television and print interviews, because I don't wish to be exploited, disrespected and negatively portrayed by irrational, stupid people whose central interview question is about why I have a "funny name." That in itself speaks volumes. KOLA BOOF *Reprinted by Permission of SUDAN MIRROR. I forgive Somi for everything he did to me and for all that I witnessed. My greatest sympathy is with his mother, Hamida, the only person in that family who is willing to hear from me.

Hounsou is also good at dancing and has also danced in many occasions.

Hounsou is one of the best actors in the Hollywood industry.

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And of course these "smart" Western Experts never mention what Bin Laden's real "preference" is----INFIBULATED WOMEN. Also note that I am not the one who revealed having any connection to Osama Bin Laden..LONDON GUARDIAN revealed our affair--not me.

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