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Growing up to hoping to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, he sought out a romance with Lila Brown, and was friends with Charlie Boomer.

Willie aspired to marry Lila and move to the big city and be a mail carrier there.

During the festivities the Baxter Building was attacked by the Super-Skrull.

Willie was pushed into a closet for safety and was trapped inside for six hours, nearly forgotten until the Invisible Girl found him while looking for a sewing kit to mend Mr. Willie continued to deliver mail to the Baxter Building, he always assumed that only the Fantastic Four could access the upper floors of their headquarters, but was proven wrong when he witnessed someone doing so later .

Willi began making regular mail deliveries to the Baxter Building headquarters of the Fantastic Four, and quickly became a staple in their extraordinary lives.

Willi once even jokingly offered to join the team, explaining that he had the power to wiggle his ears.

Willie and the Fantastic Four found themselves transported to the realm of Tempus where the team eventually defeated their foe.

When the Fantastic Four and Freddy's family later surprised him with a late night visit, he screamed "Bah Humbug!!

" and slammed the door shut in their faces Willie eventually returned to his good natured world view and began delivering mail on a new route in Queens.

They were then returned to their native reality of Earth-616, and found everything was back to normal.

When Willie snapped out of his trance, his memories of the entire incident faded from his mind.

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Willie became upset when he heard that his cause of death was due to a heart attack from seeing the Inhuman's teleporting dog Lockjaw.

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