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Colleen and Adrian moved in together eventually, and shared a good relationship until he wrote a book about her father's past.When Adrian went to publish the book, Colleen protested, and their relationship was destroyed.Colleen accepted a short-term position in Hong Kong, and came back to discover that Adrian had shared a one-night stand with Amber.Colleen began dating Amber's ex, Daniel Romalotti, and accepted a position at Jabot as the new Fresh Face model.Colleen was heartbroken after she heard JT tell reporters that he was single, and didn't buy it when he told her that he was instructed to say that. Shortly after, she ended things with JT and moved back to NY.

Colleen began to concentrate on school and spent the summer with the Glow by Jabot kids where she met and fell for JT Hellstom.Colleen soon learned that Brad's mother Rebecca spent time in a concentration camp and as a young boy, he and Rebecca came home to find their family murdered!After Rebecca moved to Genoa City, she told Colleen of all the pieces of stolen art that she had dealt with while in the camps.After becoming Adrian's research assistant, Colleen began having feelings and spending more and more time with the professor.Then one night, while stranded at the college during the December 2006 ice storm, Colleen gave into her feelings and she and Adrian made love!

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Although her father Brad visited when he could, he and Colleen didn't become close until her teenage years.

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