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So he wanted to fake the audience out and just [snaps] kill the lead character and make the audience go, “Whoa, now what are they going to do? And not because, “Oh, no, it’s not good enough.” It was because I didn’t know how to do it, so I just said “no thank you.” Daniel: Do you go through that a lot? Daniel: Well, I just read the other day that they’re making [Elmore Leonard’s] The Switch into a movie. Or did you meet on that Mary Tyler Moore variety show? Michael: Yeah, first words out of Obama’s mouth — and again, I was just meeting the man who was about to become the leader of the free world. I also went out with Michelle Pfeiffer, Padma Lakshmi, lots of other well-known people, so I don’t know why that one always comes up.

Honestly, I’m not particularly interested in doing anything right now.” And he said, “Well, let me explain it to you,” and he tells me about the setup, and I go, “Oh wow, that’s really a good idea,” and I’m not revealing anything here now because I’m pretty sure the show’s not even on anymore, is it? Michael: So he explains to me there’s this thing in the jungle and what happens is, we’re watching the show, and here’s our lead guy, and he comes up to this thing — this force — and just when you think he’s going to do this really heroic thing confronting it, he gets killed. Michael: I said no three times, but I also said no to Beetlejuice three times. I think it was two calls or three calls, and I said, “Hey, what am I, crazy? And I thought, Man, it would be cool — I’d just like to show up again somewhere else. If you think about it, it’s very straightforward, still very pulpy — but it’s art, it’s such high art. I mean, you’d have to admit that is a pretty heady group to go fishing with … Daniel: But it also got me thinking: Because Brokaw’s a Montana guy, and then you’ve got Mc Guane, who’s a Montana guy, but then you also have Letterman, who’s a Montana guy … Daniel: But you don’t invite him fly-fishing with you? and now, when I fly over, I think to myself, Who would not want to live there? Daniel: Is that how you knew Letterman originally, when you were both starting, doing stand-up? Michael: No, no, the people, there were a lot — I was always fascinated why that relationship took precedence in people’s minds. They’re both really kind of private, actually — well, not Padma. I’ve been out with a lot of women, who are very, very pretty, very, very beautiful — but I would say to everybody that in terms of intelligence, Padma Lakshmi was off the charts.

and then there was also the talk show host Mike Douglas out there, and — Michael: I actually did his show, believe it or not. To join the union.” So I was just in the K’s in the alphabet, thought it was inoffensive, and — Daniel: I read it was because you liked Diane Keaton — Michael: People keep saying that — Daniel: So, not true?

He actually remembered the exact month we met standing in line outside of Catch a Rising Star. ” Michael: Well, he and I also came from really, really different backgrounds, and so — Daniel: Actually, he seems more the darkly obsessive one.

At the time, I was going back and forth [from Pittsburgh] to New York — driving my ’65 Volkswagen bug — trying to be an actor, or to write, and I’d just started doing improv. And I find there are a few places where I like to meditate more than in other places. Michael: I worked on a Navajo reservation when I was 21 and that’s where I really got into it.

Daniel: If people are still reading this far into this article, they’re obviously pretty big Michael Keaton fans — I don’t think you can get too esoteric for them. Not about her, but about me, in that relationship because at the time, she was also very good friends, and then years later, ended up going out with and marrying Salman Rushdie, and — Daniel: So you dated her before Salman Rushdie?

Your character hopped from one movie right into the other. And I hope I’m not getting too esoteric about this, but it was almost like postmodernism.

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