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Stacey Solomon also talks about the problems caused by her boyfriend Joe Swash’s fake tan.

During the show’s matchmaking game, Kelly and Vicky have to guess which date an audience member has chosen from a selection on an internet dating app. “I’ve set up a few people on blind dates and one couple has worked out quite well – they have kids now,” says Kelly.

She began her TV career on Channel 4’s popular early morning show The Big Breakfast back in the 90s, and this week Kelly Brook is returning to her British television presenting roots.“I don’t mind doing films, but they’re quite long,” says Kelly.“I don’t like being on set for hours and using a portable toilet.I have so much more energy and it feels amazing to be able to wear anything I like with confidence."I started Atkins because 2014 was a crazy year for me and I felt I wasn't able to maintain a healthy diet.

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“I poke fun at him quite a lot on camera, but he’s taking it well,” she laughs.

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  1. Juliana Mare and Amanda Yap tell you how to say ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I don’t think so’ – all through song. Turn on the radio and chances are there’ll be a song on the airwaves about sex – or at least alluding to sex.