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, but it isn’t just her solo performance that has fans abuzz.

After Laine paired up with Colton Dixon for a rendition of “Islands in the Stream” Wednesday, rumors began flying that the two are an item – and even host Ryan Seacrest commented on their chemistry.

What more could you ask for other than a bowl of Chunky soup? He sang as if he were concerned about something, the kinda look you see when activists make up chants about saving the rainforests, or feeding the hungry in Uganda. I’d hate to be the next perfomer to use that mic, especially after it scraped his tonsils a couple of times. Travis was pretty shaky at times, but the judges liked him. ANTHONY FEDEROV: During the preinterview, Seacrest asks if it bothers Anthony that he is compared to Clay Aiken. And Anthony will move on, and I will continue reading books about thoracic medicine. And that 1st show actually had an arguably talented winner in Kelly Clarkson. All other subsequent shows pretty much sucked with so many discrepancies in voting and lopsided outcomes, it became more of a comedy than a legitimate venue for talent. This whole text message voting thing is monopolized by the bubble gummers (females ages 11-16) who have nothing better to do than to hope their 74 texts sent in a 2hr period will make a difference. Personally, I don't see any of these folks as having the talent to sustain even one record deal. Which looks nice on a dying tree, or if you are dressing up as a bottle of Golden’s Mustard for Halloween… Bo sings “I’ll Be” by Edwin Mc Cain, a song that has been brutally massacred by people in karaoke bars since it first came out.

Good looks, nice voice, great background and he loves his mom. When you exert that much energy into your performance, you’re bound to lose some vocal quality unless you have the lungs of a marathon runner. And B) What is really IN those coke glasses anyway? Anyone who can get their tracheal scar to wink at the audience while they sing has talent. Not about the trachea thing, but about his performance. We start out by hearing presong babble from her about chicken making her feel good. She’s still young and has plenty of time to get that high school diploma she felt she didn’t need because singing was going to be her cash cow. The first American Idol was an interesting concept among the whole swill of reality television vying for our tv attention. Not because I'm rooting for my favorite as a gambler roots for their horse to win, place or show. I pretty much have my picks nailed on who will fail. My picks were dead on, but only 2 of my 4 picks got booted because "America" thought a little differently. BO BICE - Bo has shed some of his rocker image, catering a little more to earth tones of yellow, green and orange.

But Laine shot down the speculation to PEOPLE, saying she’s already taken.

“I do have a boyfriend – his name is Joseph – but Colton is my buddy and I love Colton so much,” she told PEOPLE after Wednesday’s taping. When asked what her boyfriend thinks of the rumors, Laine responded: “I don’t even think he notices.” With one of the top eight set to be eliminated Thursday, Laine and Dixon aren’t the only ones who have bonded during the course of the show.

His name is An WAR and he is wearing a camouflage jacket. Will he extol the virtues of the Bush Administration at the end of the song? "I think right now I am just focusing on the music and then when the time is right, it will all just happen and I will start sending my stuff to record labels," Cavanagh says."I was watching the show last year and it didn't even cross my mind that this could even happen," Mc Creery told reporters backstage hours after winning the title Wednesday night. "I want to go to Nashville and get cracking on this album. I think it's my duty to get the fans the music as quick as possible," he said. They're the ones who put me through every week, and I'm humbled they really want to keep hearing my music." Lauren Alaina on vocal problems: I knew God would get me through it Mc Creery also hinted at the possibility of a duet with Alaina. Who are you and what have you done with the real Simon Cowell! I liked her spunk from the onset, but now it’s getting to be a tad annoying. And is the gratuitous showing of belly roll supposed to help me decide? Can I get her number next time I’m traveling abroad? Not only did she look uncomfortable and distant on stage, her whole look was way off. And if you’d like to achieve the, “watching a horror show” look like Janay, there are various websites where you can pick up freaky looking green contact lenses, just like she wears! The thing that amazed me was the judges totally missing the point of her song. Simon doesn’t see her as the next idol, claiming she would probably end up singing in a hotel. I don’t remember anyone serenading me at any of the recent Comfort/Clarion Inns I stayed at. I’d like to put her on a shelf (right next to the caliente sauce and crushed jalapenos) and see how she does next week. JANAY CASTINE: “The two things I have learnt…” is that nothing beats a quality education? One had to feel some level of embarrassment for her. “Just wasn’t very good.” Paula told her she was, “disconnected.” And Simon told her she looked like she was, “watching a horror show.” I whole-heartedly agree. But I think she could have given it more in her performance.

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"I think I've changed as a performer and as a singer. It's amazing what finale: And the Season 10 winner is...

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