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Holly's wavering feelings and their constant arguments drive Vince to take a summer job in Florida, where Holly follows him and confesses her feelings.They become a couple, strained only when Vince's new boss and ex-girlfriend Robyn tries to steal him away.

However, he is known for having many previous girlfriends, much to Holly's discomfort in their relationship.

Not wanting to make her feel guilty, Vince tells Holly he cannot commit to a relationship and he is happy for her.

While keeping his feelings for Holly hidden, Vince's womanizing ways wane overtime, as he is often oblivious when girls hit on him.

Nick even finds himself being put up against a love challenge side-by-side with Common, (Heather B’s mental husband) — by taking Heather B and getting her to admit that she would “rub (Nick’s) back”.

Vince (portrayed by Nick Zano) is a laid-back and attractive bike messenger who becomes friends with Holly towards the end of the first season and eventually becomes her love interest and boyfriend.

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And might there still be something left with Johnny and Max? If I separate my own feelings from it, I actually do think there is a story there, because he is the only man that has gotten that kind of response from Max.

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