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The Lonely Island's origin story would be forever linked to the video-sharing platform's, even if they insist that it was just being in the right place at the right time."Our timing was such that You Tube had just launched earlier that year," Schaffer explains.We were film majors, so our whole thing was to make a show built for TV." In 2005, they finally landed a gig writing for the MTV Video Music Awards ("a thousand dollars a week split three ways," Schaffer remembers), hosted by Jimmy Fallon, and staffed by producers and writers. on a Friday, and Andy Samberg isn't ready to make any big decisions.

The difference between TLI and every other pack of young guns looking to break into the business was that they had a website that could stream their videos, thanks to Schaffer's tech-savant brother Micah and a friend with available server space."I feel like you're grossed out like it's lumpy milk," Taccone interjects. "It makes me kind of gag." The three are assembled in Los Angeles to finish their third album, .Samberg and Taccone are in from New York while Schaffer, the only L. helping his wife with their newborn and their selectively potty-trained two-year-old.'" recalls Taccone., and putting up whatever else they felt like."Mostly, it was a way for us to keep motivated," Taccone says.

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