When did online dating become popular

It is possible that, at this age, people possess greater self-insight (i.e., they know themselves better) and have more defined and mature criteria for potential partners than their younger and less experienced selves.

For instance, couples who met in high school or college may change drastically and in opposite directions from each other by the time they reach their 30’s.

When it comes to values, attitudes, and beliefs, research supports the notion that long-term couples tend to be more similar with each other than random strangers.

In a previous post I summarized statistics showing that online dating is not only prevalent, but also slightly more successful than offline dating in producing stable (i.e., less likely to result in divorce) and satisfying long-term romantic partnerships. There is no definitive research on this question, but we can certainly engage in some informed speculations.

Below, I will present a list of possibilities, and look forward to your thoughts and feedback! Dating companies such as EHarmony and Ok Cupid argue that their proprietary compatibility algorithms enable users to sift through undesirable matches and identify the suitable ones.

Both income and education are factors that are associated with a decreased likelihood of divorce.

Of course, it is possible that some, all, none, or an interaction between these factors contribute to the slight advantage of online dating over traditional dating. Are there any other factors that we should consider? It simply increases your pool while giving you some info which can weed out the ones you don't want. You may have heaps in common and they may be witty and agreeable online when they have had time to compose their replies.

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The choices they made a decade earlier may seem less appealing once maturation has occurred.

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