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I'm hoping that my 2 years at Harvard Business will allow me to finally have the social experience that I missed out on thus far, as well as give me the social confidence needed to take my game to the next level. Maybe the H name is slightly better at getting you a second look compared to, lets say, BU or North Eastern.I sincerely hope that the stories about boston girls loving HBS guys is true! Guys with self-confidence, good looks and the appropriate sexual orientation (whatever that may be) are always in high demand. But if you dont have the substance, it's end of the line, buddy.The following is from a blog post written by a HBS alum about this very topic."Thanks to the 2:1 gender ratio, female MBA students (the heterosexual ones at least) find themselves in a near-ideal dating environment, surrounded by accomplished, socially successful, high-earning-potential men.

It's called dropping the "H-bomb," where you use the harvard name brand to impress girls.

However, it does bother me that you would refer to those potential dates as "chicks".

I'd try to put that word completely out of your head.

If you attend Harvard College, then all of the undergrads will be talking about how cool the law school guys are.

If you're at HLS, then all of the girls will be talking about the B-School guys.

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Sure a top school name carries some weight but if it carries too much then the ladies are just having fun with you instead of actually liking you.

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