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An important component to television comedy as well as representation are two humor devices—satire and parody.Using the culture industry, the circuit of culture framework, and humor techniques, this paper analyzes the NBC sitcom, 30 Rock, for its representation of the television industry, the production of culture, and the culture of production.Fucking porn, the way it was always meant to be, in exclusive high quality from your friends at Free Ones! Graduate Education Interest Group When War is the Only Option: A qualitative analysis of cancer narrative development and effects • Kathleen Pontius, University of Oregon • Communication campaigns have led to the creation of an expected experience for those affected by cancer.Becoming “Quirky”: Towards an Understanding of Practitioner and Blogger Relations in Public Relations • Brian Smith, University of Maryland • The growing influence of consumer-generated media (CGM), including blogs, online forums, podcasts, and other social media tools, has changed the environment in which public relations practitioners conduct campaigns for their clients and connect with their stakeholders.Rather than working solely with journalists to reach publics—practitioners may now become part of “the quirky blogging community” to influence the online conversations about their clients.A modified version of the Cultivation Index Scale was administered to 157 college students. Supervision and Web News-Editing Accuracy • David Stanton, University of Florida • The current study examines supervision of a Web-driven news production and editing course at a large, southeastern university.

Of interest is the representation of the workplace, specifically, working in the television industry.

The Influence of Sex on Cultivation Effects • Veronica Garcia-Michael, BGSU • This study examines the cultivation effects based on the sex of the subject and the amount of television watched.

Specifically, this study examines the effect of television viewing on female and male college students in order to understand what affect television viewing may have on the consumer.

This project combines rhetorical analysis of communications material published by the Lance Armstrong Foundation with data from young adult cancer survivor interviews to identify a dominant cancer narrative and examine how cancer patients challenge this narrative.

Using the theoretical lens of constitutive rhetoric, this paper illustrates the effects a limited cancer narrative has on cancer patients and survivors.

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