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Examples of Po E splitter: https:// Creatin-P...00NRHNPUA/ https:// If you plan to power it from a NVR Po E port or a switch you will need an active version of the splitter.

*** Please see the wiki for info on passive vs active Po E splitters *** ID spec distance and associated area max covered calculations ( 100ppf ): This is the theoretical max based on raw pixels from the horizontal resolution and the horizontal FOV.

Add this plug-in to your Chrome browser, then launch the plug in. " Info from spec sheet: QCW3MP1B Bullet Wi-Fi 1/3" CMOS 3MP (2304 x 1536) 20 FPS 3.6 mm fixed lens 81° Micro SD Card Max.128GB IP Rating IP67 Body Construction Metal Note: As this has a micro-SD slot you can add a micro-SD and use this standalone storing videos on the local SD memory ( In other words an NVR or Blue Iris PC is optional to use ) Compare to Best Buy at 9.99 https://

Connect the ethernet port on your computer to the camera's ethernet port. Log Into The Camera Open your web browser and go to login with username: admin, password: admin 6.Calculations based on data provided in ads / spec sheets.Some vendors like to play games and list diagonal FOV instead of horizontal FOV as that number is bigger and not clarify that it is diagonal FOV.The company’s executives laid it out to me this way: if you care about image quality first and foremost, the P-series is probably the way to go.But if the look of the C-series is more your style, it’ll come in the following sizes: TCL’s challenge will be establishing its own brand instead of taking a backseat to the “Roku TV” part.

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