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Online dating is growing in popularity among single and divorced individuals in their 50s and older.

And how people portray themselves on their dating profiles is saying a lot about how we view ourselves later in life.

Internet dating is a very big business, but the hookup app Tinder is the piece that really has Wall Street excited.

The online dating industry is expected to see growth of 4.2 percent this year to .7 billion in revenue, according to IBIS World.

These findings added support to several key hypotheses they had about aging; namely, that older adults prioritize social connections, good health and positive emotional experiences.

Both the Pew and the Davis-Fingerman studies show us that aging is not a barrier to seeking romance, and that younger and older adults share many of the same goals and ways of presenting themselves to potential partners.

As you can probably guess, Tinder — the relatively new app — caters to the under-35 crowd and hence it’s currently a free app.That said, apparently if you’re interested in unlimited swipes for to per month, you can add numerous features and swipe to your heart’s content.(You swipe right if you are interested and left if you’re not.) Tinder is the fastest-growing property in the Match group by far.For example, a recent study by aging researchers Eden Davis and Karen Fingerman at The University of Texas at Austin looked at 4,000 profiles of individuals aged 18 to 95 years old from two large online dating services.Using an analysis of the word choices in these profiles, Davis and Fingerman discovered that younger daters tended to use more first-person singular pronouns (“I,” “me,” and “my”) and descriptions of work, achievements and negative emotions compared to the older daters, who used more first-person plural pronouns (“we,” “us,” and “our”) and emphasized relationships with others as well as positive emotions.

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