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Or rather, when the term was used to entice heterosexual men into being overtly physical, subtly condescending, and relentless in their pursuit under the promise that they'd become irresistible to women.It similarly reduced women to sex objects rather than human beings, and ignored their desires and consent in such a way that even the man who spearheaded the movement, author Neil Strauss, has backtracked on his claims."I can’t help but think that these tactics aren’t really about breaking the ice, but actually reveal Magic’s true intent of teaching the user to build a quick report based on artifice and deception," Hayden concludes, and it's unfortunately not surprising." Another "special edition" of the product gives you the chance to "start attracting the kind of women you really want…who are much younger than you…"As far as Leone is concerned, women are all slightly varied versions of the same prototype, and their nuances as people come down to a "sex switch" that only a skilled man can turn on and off.The concept stirred up pressing concerns -- both theological and physiological -- that witchcraft theorists struggled with for centuries. How can you caress something that exists as little more than a dream?

However, a further look at Dating Lessons shows that this is not the way to do it.

It took centuries for the Christian church to come to terms with the concept of human/demon sexual relations.

Oh sure, accusations of "lying with the horned one" are now a staple of medieval witch trial accounts, but as historian Walter Stephens points out in his book "Demon Lovers," the notion of sex between a human being and a bodiless spirit was a "highly complex idea" at the time.

Prior to Jamie, I'd dated a string of emotionally unavailable men, and I was terrified of repeating old patterns; the idea of getting to know someone slowly appealed to me. I was raised by a passionate, volatile father who alternated between exploding in anger and begging forgiveness.

When he wasn't in one of his moods, he lavished attention on me—standing proudly in the doorway as I practiced piano, praising my artwork, taking me for hair-raising spins on the back of his Yamaha motorcycle. Late at night, we would sit in his den, talking about art, politics, even sex.

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On the surface, the program, called Dating Lessons, sounds innocent.

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