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Usually, a violator’s name, alias, address, date of birth, and photo are published on the state or county’s animal abuser website. Users will also be able to see the date of conviction and when it expires.First time offenders in most places pay a registration fee. They have their profile on the registry generally for two years, while repeat offenders are stuck up for about five.Whether it does this in reality or not is another matter.But who among us is more innocent or vulnerable than our pets? Most of us consider our pet a member of the family.

This debate has blossomed recently, due to the number of US jurisdictions passing laws creating animal abuse abuser registries. Tennessee passed a statewide law, the first, in 2016. Some other states are considering such a registry as well.

"We should be very careful to strike a balance between preventing future animal cruelty, protecting civil liberties, and promoting redemption and rehabilitation," she said.

Lots of animal rights organizations and shelters keep their own lists.

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One of the objectives of the criminal justice system is to protect the innocent and discourage would-be perpetrators from harming them.

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