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James Darmesteter's introduction, and of the chief portions of the separate prefaces to the four volumes of the French text, will serve to justify the length of the present preface. It was to them an entrancing voyage of discovery, in a language which they thought they knew, and were surprised to be learning afresh ; they travelled indeed amid familiar forms, but traced them back to the past, where they assumed a new aspect ; and they made acquaintance with the whole of the latent life of the language, which, once recognized, gives it new accents, and harmonies vibrating with the thought of bygone ages.

This law was regarded * The English editor hopes that the inclusion of M. To these fresh spirits, more open to disinterested work than the students preparing for the examinations of the Sorbonne, the study was a continuous revelation.

Two of his former pupils, both distinguished scholars (MM. Muret writes: — ' In fulfilling the request of the family of the lamented Arsene Darmesteter to revise the manuscript of the first part of the Grammaire Historique, I have not for a moment forgotten that I was publishing the posthumous work of one of the masters of French philology, and I have done my utmost to respect his thought, and to accomplish his intentions.

Muret and Sudre), undertook to revise and edit his manuscript, filling up certain lacunae left by the author. Most of my corrections in the first edition have been corrections of detail which the author would doubtless have made in my place, if he had lived to put the last touches to the volume.

And so this became my brother's PREFACE vii favourite course.

The historic spirit now for the first time revealed itself to his hearers ; and many of them still retain the glow of the revelation.

Not only have I corrected, with the obliging help of Mr.

Philip Hartog, errors and contradictions that had previously escaped my attention ; but the repeated comparison of the translation with the original, the sagacious observations of Mr.

vi PREFACE with distrust and anxiety in many quarters, and according to the failure or success of its first trial in practice might ruin the cause of female education for years, or give it a decisive triumph. The arduous labour of seeing the volume through the press has fallen entirely on them. Every addition or modification has been submitted to and discussed with the French editors, who have also read the proofs, and have liberally responded to ^ Since the printing of this edition, the manuscript of the author's work on Syntax, destined for the Traiie des Mots written to pre- cede the Dictionnaire General de la langue fran^aise, has fortunately been found. Thus the paragraphs summing up Chapters IV and V have been completed. A comparison of this with the corresponding portion of PREFACE ix the Seizicme Steele en France by A. Hatzfeld showed that this summary re'sume was altogether incomplete. I have not hesitated, therefore, to recast it and to add several sections, §§ iii, 114, 117, &c., so that for the last pages of the volume I have been not only the editor but the collaborator and successor of A. ' In preparing the second French edition of the book, from which the English translation was made, I have remained faithful to the principles just set forth.

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The following passages, translated or summarized from the prefaces to the volumes of the French text, explain clearly the nature of the task of the editors. Morphology, or the study of the grammatical forms (Declensions and Conjugations). Formation of Words (Composition and Deri- vation), and Life of Words (or Semantics). I shall not be thought to have departed from this line of conduct by recasting certain paragraphs (notably §§ 77 and 78) in order to bring them into harmony with researches published since 1888.

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