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She still sings as well as acts, releasing an album last year called Love Songs.But for a long time Paradis was most conspicuous as Johnny Depp’s partner.

She wasn’t an extrovert, never thought she’d be a singer or actress, but she ended up on the local television programme L’École des fans, a talent show for child singers. I think the hardest thing in life is to make yourself happy and make others happy, so that’s the first thing you should think of, instead of cutting and pulling.” Meanwhile the singing career continues.She was reported to be in a relationship with the French singer Benjamin Biolay (who once dated Carla Bruni, the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and was previously married to French actress Chiara Mastroianni, daughter of Catherine Deneuve), but rumours now swirl that she is involved with French hair stylist John Nollet, who cut Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow dreads in Pirates of the Caribbean and may also be responsible for Vanessa’s new urchin haircut. “Oh, that is none of your business,” she says merrily. Growing up in the public eye teaches you to keep your mouth shut to protect yourself. Listening to her talk, I stole a bit of how my character sounds from her and a little bit is my own.” The woman she met was “shy, humble and discreet,” and, when Hasidic, lived not just by strict rules, but under the ever watchful eye of her rabbi. “How could you make any judgment when you don’t know what it is; and what it is is a very personal family matter and nobody should interfere with it except [his] family.” Is she sad for him?“That is my business.” She doesn’t know if she’d like more children. People want to know about everything; it’s never about your art. “You don’t have any communication with the outside world,” says Paradis. I had to keep a straight face: that was quite something. A lot of journalists in the world, they don’t research. “Of course.” Paradis understands the consequences of fame. When you’re a teenager, learning your job — it wasn’t like I was a professional singer — I didn’t know how to answer in interviews.“No one pushed me into a recording studio,” she insists. It was the real thing.” It has always been about the music and meeting other artists, she insists. It’s where her roots are, she says — which is good to hear, as I’d hate them to be attached to this airless, chintzy tomb from which we are both, no doubt, overjoyed to escape.“This was 20 years before reality shows and the internet, when there were more .

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I am nostalgic for the old days where cinema and everything was beautifully lit and presented and everything else should be private.” But still she has to promote her work — films she believes in — through interviews with newspapers. A lot of people are judging something they have no clue about. “Now she is an artist, a painter, something you’re not allowed to be.” On the film she says Allen was “so charming, so funny, so easy. He made me laugh, he made everybody laugh.” But when I ask what she thought about the claim and counter-claim that Allen had abused his adopted daughter, she responds sharply. When Joe le Taxi became an overnight hit in 1987, she felt like “a caged animal in a zoo”, with fans pointing and staring. You’re in the public eye and you’re being judged; everyone makes comments.

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  1. It also warns of those who “gradually seduce their targets through the use of attention, affection, kindness, and even gifts.” Describing the specific methods used by some of these predators, the FBI guide says: “They listen to and empathize with the problems of children.