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Hes really just a genuinely lovely human being; hes bright, talented, gorgeous. SOAK: Depps always ranked fairly high on those sexiest men alive lists.

Now that youve been around him for a while, how high would you rank him, and is he your type?

Tim Duncan, who announced his retirement after 19 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs and five NBA championships, is dating Vanessa Macias, a television personality and former The Amazing Race contestant.

Macias, 36, was a courtside presence for the Spurs during Duncan’s last few seasons with the team.

Macias finished fourth in The Amazing Race‘s 20th season in 2011.

In her Amazing Race profile, Macias said that the famous person who reminds her of herself is Jessica Simpson, “sadly.” When asked how her skills would help her, Macias responded, “I am an amazing communicator.

My years in TV and politics have made me great at dealing with difficult people.” In March 2015, Macias tweeted that Duncan won a 0 bet against a college friend on whether or not he would make a three-pointer.

Whats it like working with such a dynamic individual?

Vanessa: Fantastic, Honestly, Ive worked with quite a few big name guy actors, and hes by far the nicest, most lovely man.

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