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We can use the INDEX-MATCH formula and combine it with Data Validation drop down menus to return a value based on 2 criteria.

What we have essentially done is ask Excel to go down our list of 4 colors and test the value of the cell reference ‘A7’ until it either finds one of those colors or not.Note that in test 3, the ‘logical_test’ of ‘A6=15’ is true. On row 6 the ‘logical_test’ argument, ‘A6=A5’, evaluates to false and therefore the formula returns ‘other’ since that is the value of the ‘value_if_false’ argument The great thing about the ‘IF’ function is that it allows us to test large sets of data quickly.Let’s say we had a long list of values that could be a dollar amount for sales and we wanted to check the data to quickly check above and below a threshold of say, 200.One of the most commonly used functions in Excel is the ‘IF’ function.Its usefulness and application are quite broad due to its simplicity.

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What is really the most powerful thing about the ‘IF’ function is that it can be ‘nested’ within and combined with other functions to create an incredible amount of flexibility to meet different requirements.

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