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Struts is based on model 2 MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.Struts controller uses the command design pattern and the action classes use the adapter design pattern.Written By Duncan Mills, Oracle Corporation May 2004 Oracle JDeveloper 10g, using the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) provides the JSP page developer with out of the box functionality for binding input forms on JSP pages to business service data.The development environment and framework allow the developer to create HTML rendered forms capable of full Create, Update and Delete functionality with no coding using a combination of the ADF model layer metadata and specialized Struts Actions which automatically handle the data transfer, record navigation and transactional state of the screen for the developer.

The messages are stored in a property file (Application and are referred by the key values.If certain validation is not present, you can create your own validation logic and plug it into validation framework as a re-usable component.Validator uses two XML configuration files to determine which validation routines should be installed and how they should be applied for a given application, respectively.It’s functionality has since been split so that validator can serve as the basis for a independant component and is now part of Jakarta Commons.The Struts framework’s simple validation interface alleviates much of the headache associated with handling data validation, allowing you to focus on validation code and not on the mechanics of capturing data and redisplaying incomplete or invalid data.

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Lot of fields that we validate require same logic to validate them, hence code is unneccessarily duplicated (if not managed properly).

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