Validating counter strike source file

"faliled to laod the laucher.dll" so i don't the update and it's ok !!!i can start the game but i can't play in the all server beacause it's not the good version but i can play solo game Yes Kotor,i have also a css cracked version but i don't like it....

feed=steam_updates A note about impact for this bug and to help with assessing its priority. This is a regression introduced by a previous update. The Steam hardware survey indicates 0.04% of participating users don't have SSE2-capable CPUs.

MMX SSE RAM: 2GB Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 6200 512mb. Could it simply be wrong compiler switches on the update build?

I played the game perfectly after this update but now i can't play. Same issue for me with HL2: DM (and reportedly other titles). I, and others commenting in multiple threads, are running AMD Athlon XP (32-bit x86) CPU variants (no SSE2) on MS Windows. They told me to uninstall and reinstall the game and other fix like delete steamapps or something like that.

The estimated amount of wait time shown is "0 seconds left." I have tried re-installing steam, but I still get the same issue.

I have never had this issue with any other game before and this is the first time I've had this issue with CS: GO as I was able to play until I was prompted to update the game.

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