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It can even help you master multiple languages while having fun, no sweat.So, without further ado, here’s how to unlock the endless possibilities of your smartphone and learn Korean using apps.However if you're dating a Korean American, you might meet their parents during the early stages of dating.While no two Korean parents are exactly the same, learn how you can impress them by following the general guideline presented in KWOW, episode 81: It might seem like a lot of detail to remember, but it's actually quite simple: know your Korean culture and manners.

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So you've got a Korean sweetheart and plan to meet their parents.

Your dear darling will either be enthusiastic or shy about the idea.

You meet your Korean sweetheart's parents for the first time only once, so why not cease the opportunity and make an epic, lasting impression? If you're not Korean, the parents will be more forgiving of your butchered pronunciation.

If you're Korean by blood, regardless of where you were raised, you'll need to be extra alert.

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