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I left college less than 5 years ago, but I was already displaying dinosaur-like tendencies. And sure, resumés have changed since I took “Intro to Professional Writing” as a freshman, but my sunny, graphic take on the new resumé had missed the mark. Sure, being succinct was always important on resumés. Instead of talking about your objectives, give a brief “so what” statement about who you are and what makes you right for the job.Uh oh, the last 10-15 years have a few (explainable, but complicated) bumps?Unless you’re a recent grad, GPAs aren’t applicable to most job search settings.

Since employers will likely be scanning your resumé, format your words to pop out at the reader.

It also allows for interactive text logging or image plotting (in addition to graph plotting).

No need to do your own loops in a separate thread, the package takes care of it, just give the update frequency you wish.

This function could just be the function you use to acquire your data.

Each method basically sets the property can simply be extended, so you can keep the previous points and just keep adding to your line (or image or whatever you are drawing).

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