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Is a special data type that can be used to store a result set for processing at a later time.table is primarily used for temporary storage of a set of rows returned as the result set of a table-valued function.To declare variables of type table, use DECLARE @local_variable.

table variables can be used in functions, stored procedures, and batches.

Assignment operation between table variables is not supported. Modified Date INTO @My Table Var; --Display the result set of the table variable.

Because table variables have limited scope and are not part of the persistent database, they are not affected by transaction rollbacks. The following example creates a USE Adventure Works2012; GO DECLARE @My Table Var table( Emp ID int NOT NULL, Old Vacation Hours int, New Vacation Hours int, Modified Date datetime); UPDATE TOP (10) Human Resources. SELECT Emp ID, Old Vacation Hours, New Vacation Hours, Modified Date FROM @My Table Var; GO --Display the result set of the table.

For more information, see CREATE TABLE (Transact-SQL).

Queries that read table variables without modifying them can still be parallelized.

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Each of these object groups will have one small table with only 2000 records and one larger one with 1000000 records so we can see if there are any differences based on the size of the temporary object as well.

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