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The example also supplies the logic to return the server-generated values by using output parameters.Then, the example executes the update to submit the pending rows and displays the contents of the Data Table.For example, if the last value used by the Oracle sequence was 100 and you would like to reset the sequence to serve 225 as the next value. Hello Oracle Gurus, I have two databases which both get refreshed from an external Data Warehouse. The problem that I have is that one of the major tables in these databases have different sequence numbers for one of the primary keys.Here is a quick demo: This TR_TAB_A_BI trigger depends on the SQ_TAB_A sequence. NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle provides support for retrieving the server-generated key Oracle Sequence values after performing inserts by using the Oracle Data Adapter.I want to sync up the sequence number on both the databases so when the refresh occurs every morning, both the databases have same sequence number for the same record.Is it possible to update an existing sequence to start generating new rows from a certain number?

A sequence is an object in Oracle that is used to generate a number sequence.This is not new but I’ve learned about it last week 🙂 from one of developers when reviewing codes with them for the plan to change the sequence’s current value.Normally I would drop the sequence and create it with START WITH to a new desired number.When the system comes back up, Oracle will cache new numbers from where it left off in the sequence, ignoring the so called "lost" sequence values.You can change the LASTVALUE for an Oracle sequence, by executing an ALTER SEQUENCE command.

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