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However, if data is sensitive, then a security policy should be developed to maintain tight control over access to objects.Some means of implementing data security include system and object privileges, and through roles.They can exclude columns containing sensitive data.Another means of implementing data security is through fine-grained access control and use of an associated application context.For example, it may be acceptable to have little data security in a database when you want to allow any user to create any schema object, or grant access privileges for their objects to any other user of the system.Alternatively, it might be necessary for data security to be very controlled when you want to allow only a database or security administrator to create objects and grant access privileges for objects to roles and users.For example, database users should be required to change their passwords at regular intervals, and of course, when their passwords are revealed to others.

Alternatively, in a database with a handful of user names, it may be easier to grant privileges explicitly to users and avoid the use of roles.Security considerations range from requiring backups to be done regularly and stored off-site to narrow table or data considerations, which include ensuring that unauthorized access to sensitive data, such as employee salaries, is precluded by built-in restrictions on every type of access to the table that contains them.This chapter discusses security policies in the following sections: Each database has one or more administrators who are responsible for maintaining all aspects of the security policy: the security administrators.After deciding who will manage the security of the system, a security policy must be developed for every database.A database security policy should include several sub-policies, as explained in the following sections.

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Overall data security should be based on the sensitivity of data.

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