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Sindicatul Ius-Lex are aproximativ 125 de membri, grefieri si personal conex, de la Judecatoria, Tribunalul si parte din Curtea de Apel Galati, mai arata Agerpres.

UPDATE Zeci de grefieri de la Tribunalul si Judecatoria Botosani au intrerupt activitatea, luni, pentru a participa la un protest spontan in semn de nemultumire fata de conditiile de munca si salarizare.

Some features are currently disabled to facilitate a correct and enhanced implementation:-scanning own structures-replace and remove placed structures-place geometric shapes-German translation I will work hard to add these features with upcoming updates. No structures sorted by ´Huge´ ´Insane´ and all that, u know. So i wanted to ask if there is any old versions of this mod where all the old structures are still in my inventory? Oh, and also in wanted to ask why the Star Wars Mod Download doesnt work anymore.

How do I download the "Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer", it was in other versions, but I downloaded from the website, but the filename was .structure not or .schematic like it needs to be to put it in game, can you fix this or tell me how I can download it from the str explorer Hello, I am using this mod in 1.7.10. Im using Minecraft 1.7.10.i installed this Mod like other before into my mod-folder. Every time I try to place a structure, nothing happens.

Acestia se plang ca elaborarea unor regulamente de ordine interioara, fara consultarea prealabila a organizatiilor sindicale, a condus la sporirea atributiilor de serviciu, fara o suplimentare adecvata a posturilor, de salarizarea inechitabila si discriminatorie in raport cu celelalte categorii profesionale din sistem, dar si de subfinantarea sistemului de justitie in ceea ce priveste drepturile salariale.

Totodata, ei se plang de disfunctionalitatile create de aplicarea noilor coduri, cu efect direct asupra activitatii, ceea ce a condus la sporirea atributiilor de serviciu, supraaglomerare si imposibilitatea efectuarii tuturor lucrarilor in cadrul unui program de opt ore, fapt care a condus la efectuarea in mod sistematic de ore suplimentare, inclusiv sambata si duminica, cu consecinte directe asupra sanatatii.' Cerem o salarizare unitara pentru ca exista foarte mari diferente chiar intre grefierii care au aceeasi treapta si acelasi grad.

Placing larger structures accordingly takes longer. Structures are divided in themes and are easily accessible through a wiki.

The structures of the Instant Structures Mod (ISM) are quite detailed, published structures are listed in the sub-side Structures.

If I don't place it on the server, I have all of the tabs there but no blocks. It doesnt work I keep downloading it and I emailed Maggie Craft as instructed, but there reply was that an update was released a couple days ago, yet there is no progress, I cannot build a terrain or launch a Singleplayer world with the mod because the mod doesn't work with forge.

It includes new functions to search, sort, narrow results down, manage structures. Each structure has rank which mirrors how beautiful and popular it is.

Str Explorer shows results for creators and collections.

Thus ISM supports all 13 Minecraft versions from 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 which is tremendous administrative workload. It causes a crashin Minecraft vanilla-fixed: removed broken structures-fixed: list of all structures doesn´t show the last structues-fixed: can not set the maximum quantity of blocksfor the fast place function-fixed: ISM detects if aversion is bootleg faultily-overworked: removedmore source code ande resources of theconstruction kit because it doeasn´t work properly-overworked: removed construction kit recipe -new: added 178 structures-new: background images-fixed: can not open genre window from structure window-fixed: can not open creator window from structure window-fixed: genre contains "*"-fixed: structure dimension was displayed too large -new: published ISM for Minecraft 1.10-fixed: ISM crashed while placing a structure that is 255 blocks width, height or length.-fixed: ISM crashed while placing a structure that contains 256 different blocks update for the ISM versions for Minecraft 1.8, 1.9 and 1.9.4-new: the dialoges of the scanning tool are highlighted with colors-new: chat message after placing a structure-new: added the performance improvements of the last update for Minecraft 1.9.4 to other versions-new: increased the performance of placing a structure slightly-fixed: blocks like doors or beds drops as an item after placing them-fixed: the dimension of a structure was shown wrong in the reader and placer window-fixed: missing spaces in the reader and placer window-fixed: smaller bugs -new: Updated ISM for Minecraft 1.9.4-new: ISM places large structures 300% faster-new: ISM places structures more reliable-fixed: Minecraft crashes after placing a huge structure and enter the world immediately-fixed: list of creators shows to high number of structures-fixed: list of genres shows to high number of structures-fixed: list of genres and creators wrong formatting-fixed: exception was thrown after click on the same menu entry twice-overworked: general code improvements -update for all ISM versions-added tools to fix bugs faster-smaller bug fixes-overworked the whole code-work around for some bugs that were caused by Minecraft-added tools to "downgrade" ISM faster for old Minecraft versions update for Minecraft 1.9-new: ISM has a new tool to detect errors.

New Structures Str Explorer browses through more than 10,000 structures. Removing features To take a new direction it is necessary to remove some features. The old ISM versions had several kinds of structures. I study computer science and have little free time which caused the lag of updates.2. This tool helps me (the developer) to fix bugs much faster-new: ISM for Minecraft 1.9 place structures as fast as the other versions-new: ISM for Minecraft 1.9 stores almost 100 new combinations of blocks and meta more efficient and can rotate them-fixed: minecraft crashed after trying to scan a structures - this bug was caused by minecraft.-fixed: improved english translation-overworked: the process of placing and removing the bounding box-overworked: the way ISM handles object-overworked: ISM exceptions-removed: two structures and replaced them-some performance improvements -improved: 1.7.10 item textures doesn't work-improved: blocks with meta data weren't placed correctly-improved: scanner window doesn't open correctly if a user used an older version of ISM before (and vice versa)-improved: warning notices were displayed after starting minecraft-overworked: ISM scans structures faster-overworked: ISM stores around 270 combinations of blocks and meta data more efficient Ok...

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