Updating index on oracle table

It underlies the Oracle APIs of popular languages and environments including Node.js, Python and PHP, as well as providing access for OCI, OCCI, JDBC, ODBC and Pro*C applications.

The Instant Client libraries provide the necessary network connectivity, as well as basic and high end data features, to make full use of Oracle Database.

Oracle Instant Client 12.2 is available on many platforms.

This brings the latest and greatest Oracle functionality to applications.

Tables with dozens of updates per second can see slowdowns because of the overhead of updating the bitmap.

So, which is the right maxi Benchmarks have shown these trends in SQL performance and the number of distinct bitmap index values (as a percentage of total table rows), and the clustering factor for the index column.

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As a general rule, a cardinality of under 1% makes a good candidate for a bitmap index." However, there are rare cases where high cardinality columns can be used in bitmap indexes, and Oracle suggests that these conditions are acceptable for a bitmap index: Now that we understand bitmap index compression, it should be clear that there are rare cases where high cardinality columns might be candidates for bitmap indexes.

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